Pretty Pinky Nail Design

At Pretty Pinky Nail Design we create uniquely designed press on nails. Our focus is on medium sized, all the way up to 3XL press on lengths. All products used are of the highest quality. Our sets all have a minimum of 2 layers of base coat and 2 layers of top coat to protect your beautiful designs. We exclusively use products by Young Nails, DND, Nail Addikts and Urban Graffiti by Naio Nails

Our press on sets are all reusable and can last up to 2 weeks when properly applied and maintained (application guide). Pre-designed sets come with 20-26 nail tips assuring you will not have any sizing issues. Custom sets include 10 tips, as they are designed specifically for each buyer. Please view our FAQ for more information.

The quality and attention to detail doesn’t stop at the nails. All sets are packaged in beautiful Pretty Pinky Nail Design branded clear acrylic boxes that can be kept and reused as well. Each set comes complete with an application kit.

Give our product a chance and let our team take care of you. We promise you’ll love our products!

Like most paths in life, Ferzana’s wasn’t so direct. Originally from Harare, Zimbabwe. Ferzana moved to Canada to eventually pursue post secondary education in the medical field. First starting in psychology, she eventually shifted to nursing and later worked at various facilities in Toronto as a mental health nurse. While dedicating her life to helping those in need, she didn’t make much time for herself. With the constant support and encouragement of her husband, Ferzana finally decided to dive in head first and show the world her hidden passion and talent for nail art and design. And with a leap of faith, Pretty Pinky Nail Design was born in 2019.

Ferzana Rocha

Co-Founder, Nail Technician and Designer

Jorge has always had a passion for the arts. At an early age he fell in love with hip hop culture and DJing specifically. He didn’t realize, but this was the birth of his “do-it-yourself” entrepreneurial spirit. At this time the internet also made its arrival and with that, came the “need” to learn how to build websites, design flyers and logos to promote his DJing and friend’s breakdancing events. After highschool, Jorge pursued graphic design, as well as music business administration education which eventually landed him in the advertising and ad technology industry. His career has spanned 15 years in which he has worked with some of the biggest brands and tech companies in the world. Taking all the skills he has learned throughout his life, Jorge and his wife Ferzana, decided to launch Pretty Pink Nail Design.

Jorge Rocha

Co-Founder, Webmaster and Administrator

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